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1.    Men cannot become women and women cannot become men. It is important to use the correct pronouns no matter how feminine a man presents or how masculine a woman presents. To do otherwise suggests that we should base our definition of male and female on regressive, sex-based stereotypes and external appearance.

2.    No matter how feminine a man presents, he should be expected to use facilities for men.  Women fought hard for sex-based facilities for safety and privacy. These rights must be upheld.

3.    Ideally sports will move toward sex-neutral uniforms but until then, if a man wants to wear the uniform typically worn by female athletes, he should be allowed to do so, while keeping sports fair as he competes against other men.

4.    A woman who has masculinized by taking testosterone can compete in co-ed sports. By taking steroids, she has engaged in a form of doping, giving her an unfair advantage against other women. 

5.    Anytime a man is accepted as a woman or a woman is accepted as a man, it provides deceptive role models for children. This can lead them to believe that they can become something they are not.

6.    It is not loving or kind or compassionate to undermine women’s and girls’ rights and protections.

7.    It is not loving or kind or compassionate to encourage someone to believe they are something they are not.

8.    There are all kinds of ways to be a man or a woman. Some men are feminine and some women are masculine; this does not change their sex.

9.    Those struggling with gender dysphoria or autogynephilia should be treated with compassion. These are mental health issues and should be treated as such.

10.    There are people who do not struggle with gender dysphoria or autogynephilia, who will pretend to be the opposite sex to gain an unfair advantage and to predate on others.

11.    Gender dysphoria is caused by a myriad of underlying issues. The past research on gender dysphoria is antiquated because it does not factor in rapid onset gender dysphoria (ROGD) or autogynephilia. ROGD is a new phenomenon and needs to be addressed by providing clear boundaries and real support, not by affirming a manufactured identity. Autogynephilia used to be stigmatized and recognized as a fetish, but has now become normalized.

12.    Children should not be given treatments that encourage or affirm their gender dysphoria. Even a treatment as simple as social transition leads to persistence of the dysphoria.

13.    No one should use or accept suicide as emotional blackmail. Suicide should never be presented as a viable option for managing difficult feelings. 

14.    Suicidal ideation is a result of many factors. No one is ever responsible for the suicide of another individual.

15.    The idea that someone can be “born in the wrong body” is a nonsensical, metaphysical idea and should not be encouraged or affirmed.

16.    Calling someone “transphobic” or saying someone is using hate speech is manipulative and undermines our ability to communicate.

17.    Sexual orientation (LGB) is different from trans/queer identity (TQ). Sexual orientation is based on sexual attraction; gender identity is based on regressive, sex-based stereotypes about how men and woman are supposed to look and behave.

18.    Using the nonsensical term “cis” suggests that those who are not 100% comfortable embracing regressive, sex-based stereotypes are not actually the sex they were born.

19.    Just because a doctor recommends a treatment doesn’t mean it is the best or even a reasonable treatment. History is littered with examples where doctors have gotten it wrong.

20.    Children’s healthy bodies should not be medically damaged.

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